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Dog Agility Sandbags – Girdles – Tunnel Straps

Dog Agility Sandbags – Girdles – Tunnel Straps

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$ 110.00 each
$ 300.00 per set(3)

Agility Tunnel Girdles

Dog agility tunnerl girdles

*** Many colour options available ***

Our girdles are made of the same material of our sandbags(1000 D). Girdles are made to hold tunnels in place for the duration of trials. Excellent for larger trials! Great “Alternative” for standard sandbags – No tunnel compression and great tunnel hugging capability.

Our Sandbags are made with 1000 D truck tarp fabric that we have found to be extremely durable. They are weather proof and come in a wide variety of colours.
** Sandbags are equipped with easy to grab handles for easy lifting and the Snugglers also have industrial zippers for easy filling. read more