Dog Agility Toys – Tugs – Frizzers – Stashers

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These are Gus’s new line of toys! All made from heavy duty fabric so that you have a long lasting toy to play with your furry friend!! Toys come in all sorts of colors and can be custom ordered in your choice of colors!!


Stashers / Frizzers (fabric discs)


$20.00- Large
$14.00- Small

*** BULK PURCHASE Available ***


Frizzers and Stashers Flying Fabric Discs 6″ and 9″

Order 25 and More = SAVE 20%
Order 50 and More = SAVE 25%

These Discs are made from the same material as our chutes(420 D). They are designed to fly well but be a durable tug toy. You have your choice of a disc with or without a pocket. These pockets are designed to “stash” treats or squeakers in. The pocket is held closed with an industrial strength Velcro. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns.These toys have been tested on a WIDE variety of breeds of all sizes and they are a BIG hit!!!

1 & 2 Handed Tugs


One Handed Tug



Two Handed Heavy Heavy Duty Tugs




$16.00 – 2 Handed Tugs
$8.00 – Single Handed Tugs

Shock Absorber Tug – **NOT** for Small Dogs

Messenger_5834367581492962029_13910216287516006-800x600 One Handed Tug Gus Custom Creations Dog Agility


These toys are designed to be easy on the handler but FUN FUN FUN for the dogs. Each handle is padded with a Fleece lining and the “tug” part is made out of fun fur. 2 handed tugs come in only the 2 inch variety.


$ 22.00

Agility – Training and Exercise Fun!


Heavy Duty 2 Handed Tugs made of Fleece, Webbing, and Faux “FUN” Fur Any and all toys made by Gus Custom Creations are handmade.


These toys are NOT chew toys. Please always supervise play with any of our toys.

*** Ingesting fabric and squeakers can be hazardous to your dog’s health.