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Groulx Furry Family Past and Present and Extended Family Groulx Furry Family Past and Present and Extended Family Winston - Cujo - Dean - Viza -Zepplin - Creature - Rudi - Knikko - Neela Dog Agility Team Canada - GUS Custom Creations - Canadian Frizzers

This site will allow you to browse through all the equipment we supply and to contact us with your questions and to order once you have made your product selection.

Rudi in Canadian Dog Agility Chute

RUDI Canadian Chute — “The One Who Started it All”

You get to decide what the final product will look like!!

We are long time dog parents and dog foster parents for dog rescue and we make sure that our equipment is as safe and as durable as we can make it, to ensure that you and your dogs are thrilled with the products that you purchase from us.
All products are made from heavy duty fabric so that you have a long lasting toy to play with your furry friend!! Toys come in all sorts of colors and can be custom ordered in your choice of colors!!

We strive for both creativity and functionality and are always searching to bring new and innovative products to the market place to serve you better. Your product suggestions and preferences are always welcome!

As we are, ” GUS CUSTOM CREATIONS” ~~ Toys, tugs, leashes, sandbags, tunnels, chutes, barrels, barrel bases and bumper pads, x-pen covers and more.



rudi walk over

Our First Agility Boy

Any equipment that is purchased is custom made to order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. Thank